Gary Swisher

Religion Seeks a “Something” Part 1

In Christianity, Uncategorized on February 15, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Rising Above the Noise

One thing I hate about blogs and social media is the seeming self-absorption of some who write. Do they really think we are hanging on their every thought and activity? I hope this entry won’t seem that way. It doesn’t really matter what I think or what my take on things is. I just have something to share that I hope others can relate to and benefit from. So please try to ignore the unusual amount of personal pronouns in this writing.

I seem to need the radio on when driving most of the time. My mind always wants something new to chew on or at least some music to fill the void. The past two days, however, I left the radio off. My only inclination to turn it back on was based on habit, not any real sense of missing the chatter. In the past I have set my mind to “fast” from media with mixed results. My last two commutes, without all the squawking, were not like that, however. More about that in Part 2.

The human race has become extremely media driven. I’m not talking about politics, although for some that is what media is all about. When I was young I couldn’t get enough music. Music really filled a void. I played it, wrote it, listened to my favorite artists in my room, listened in the car… But as much as I still enjoy music, I don’t have the dependency on it that I once did. It isn’t like food for me anymore. That may have a lot to do with the natural maturing process.

Today our youth are glued to iPods, iPads, iPhones… I wonder why they all start with “I”? (I did say there would be lots of personal pronouns.) If kids aren’t on the computer, talking on their phone, texting or listening to their MP3 player, what could they possibly be doing? Many adults are just as consumed by their media.

I think a lot of Christians are in the habit of thinking they should switch the channel of the TV or the radio (or website, etc.) to something more wholesome. Switch it from pop music to a Christian station for example, or change it from talk radio to Christian talk. This doesn’t always open up the airwaves to heaven, however. In large part they are only shifting the programming and commercials to a religious context. You still get the chatter and commercials, only with a “Christian” flavor.

In my attempts to find that “still, small voice” I have often just turned off the noise of the world, but as I said, with mixed results. I find it’s like yanking the cigarette from the mouth of the chain smoker. It doesn’t really change his mindset. He only becomes more fixated on the need to smoke. And since changing the channel to a Christian station isn’t really causing a transformation, I have realized there is another channel that can be switched that doesn’t involve the radio. There is a channel in my heart; but not so much my heart. Perhaps I should say it is a switch to “Someone.” More about that in Part 2.


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